092: Peter of VFE Pedals

August 1, 2017

"Transparent!" "Mojo Tone!" "It's a SubeTcreamer!" <--These are words that can be misleading, overhyped and overused. How do you steer away from using this terminology? What do you do when your company has to scale down? In this episode, Peter Rutter talks about the challenges and experiences he's had with his business, VFE Pedals.


Contact: peter@vfecustom.com






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(00:00) Intro, (2:40) Location of business (4:55) Where is Peter originally from? (7:30) Peter’s role in his family, (10:49) Where did Peter’s love for music came from? (14:00) Why go into teaching? (15:40) Where does you confidence come from? (17:00) What do you parents do? (23:15) Was VFE Pedals your first business? (29:00) What prompted your addiction to building pedals? (31:00) “Sale-sy” words and misleading terminology (35:00) What helped your business to steer away from these overused hot words? (40:20) How and why did you scale down your company? (48:35) Main takeaway for anyone in a similar situation. (50:30) What was one thing you believed in that you don’t anymore? (52:55) Luck or hard work? (55:36) Peter’s tip with Kickstarter and his biggest failure (59:20) 3 things Peter is grateful for! (1:03:20) Peter’s best advice for listeners.

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