091: Keith of RedPlate Amps

July 25, 2017

The best thing you can do is learn from others! Keith from RedPlate Amps talks about adding value rather than discounting your product(s), collaborating with other businesses, direct VS dealers and why business is all about relationships!


Contact: info@redplateamps.com






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(00:00) Intro, (03:35) Where is Keith originally from? (05:32) What did Keith’s parents do for work? (07:15) Was school a big part of your childhood? (08:20) When did you get interested in electrical engineering? (11:05) What did you do for work after dropping college? (12:20) Why didn’t you stay in Los Angeles? (17:55) How did you meet up with Henry and RedPlate Amps? (35:00) How do add value to your customers? (40:20) Keith’s challenge (45:50) Direct sales versus Dealers (56:50) If you had to start all over, what would you do? (1:05:15) What is the next goal for RedPlate Amps?

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