090: KNOBS

July 19, 2017

You can start a business making video demos. My guest today, KNOBS, is doing it right now! Listen to his story and the origin of KNOBS. The time stamps are below. Please subscribe, leave a review and share this episode. Enjoy!

Contact: info.knobs@gmail.com

Watch: https://youtu.be/-6cXxFPgOQI






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(00:00) Introduction, (02:30) Toronto talk, (04:55) how school/education influenced KNOBS, (07:18) mindset and philosophy, (10:40) traveling to Japan (14:00) culture shock in Japan, (16:00) his main lesson about traveling to Japan, (18:10) another opportunity in Iceland, (20:30) family talk, (22:20) how YouTube helped KNOBS during his travels, (26:00) eating sushi with your fingers vs chop sticks, (27:25) PHILIPPINES! (30:00) why marine biology is awesome, (33:50) why the marine biology career didn’t pan out for KNOBS, (36:20) Filipino culture (38:23) first steps into creating KNOBS, (39:22) what is the goal for KNOBS, (40:24) how creativity starts for KNOBS, (42:44) how KNOBS got into video, (44:00) GEAR TALK, (47:30) how did KNOBS market his gear demos, (49:00) how KNOBS manages his time, (51:40) the moment KNOBS knew he could start a business, (53:20) how to trust other people, (54:50) how did things change when KNOBS started the business, (56:30) booze talk! (59:00) more traveling abroad rants, (1:03:10) last piece of advice for anyone starting a business!

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